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"A customer just called and wanted a copy of his invoice and I was able to email it to him in seconds. It was so easy it got me thinking. I always call when I have a problem (hopefully not to often) but I never call when things are good. So I just want to tell you that you have a great system. I am not sure when I bought my first system, maybe twenty years ago, and the down time has been very very minimal. My internet provider has caused most of my down time. So keep up the good work and thanks a bunch."

-Robert, Arizona Customs Brokers

"Happy Holidays to all
Please pass on my best wishes for the Holidays to Regina and Jerry and all the staff at GMS.
I also have to take a moment to say thank you for a system that day in day out works consistently, works well in a no nonsense kind of way - Not to mention the heavy lift of moving form ACS to ACE I would like to express my gratitude for all of this.
Worry occurs naturally about a lot of things. Thanks to all of you I don't have to worry what ITEC is going to do - I know it works. Over the years having worked with several systems (and several different brokers) I learned not to take your system for granted, or the people behind it.
So again many thanks - enjoy your Holidays and all the best in the new year to come.
With gratitude, "

-Bill, Brauner International

"I just read the ISF Brief and I am really pleased. I know my staff will be pleased when they have to do the work and I know I am happy we have you as our software provider. I read everything and wrote 'Good' on the sides of each paragraph. If something is missing I don't see it now and I know the kinks will come out in the wash. My old boss of 40 plus years ago would say thank God for the government they will always help us make money. Thank you, things are work while we are doing them, when they are done they are beautiful. Thanks to all involved."

-Tom, The Camelot Company

"Last night I stayed late and after everyone had left I installed the new update. The process was simple, fast and super convenient. Great Job!"

-Sam, Comet Customs Brokers

"A special thanks to you and your crew for making my crazy ideas work, you did an amazing job, keep up the good work!"

Sincerely, Frankie Import Commodity Group