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Product Description

The ITEC (International Trade & Electronic Commerce) System is a robust, integrated software system for efficient handling of all phases of a shipment's movement and Customs clearance from origin to final delivery.

Typically purchased and used by the Customs broker, international air or sea freight forwarder, deconsolidator or NVOCC, it can also be used by an importer or exporter who process their own shipments.

Modules available include:

The application software is written in the PROGRESS 4GL database language. It is currently supported on the SCO Open Server UNIX platform. We can provide the hardware in a complete turnkey system, or just the software.

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All of the documentation required for the function of a U.S. Customs broker. Includes ABI (Automated Broker Interface) and HTS. Integrates with the Commercial Invoice, Accounting, Faxing, Emailing, and G-TRAC.

ITEC is ACE certified.

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When Customs brokers handle the logistics for their customers, this add-on module allows the commercial invoice to be entered for AII (Automated Invoice Interface) and RLF (Remote Location Filing). This module works in conjunction with the Custom House Processing module.

Documentation software for a freight forwarder to produce air waybills, bills of lading, delivery/pickup order and Certificates of Origin. The freight forwarding module includes NVOCC handling. This module integrates with AES (Automated Export System), Accounting, Faxing, Emailing and G-TRAC.

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This is an add-on module to the Freight Forwarding module to transmit and receive Electronic Export Information (EEI) with Census.

Billing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, and General Ledger. Integrates the billing from Customs House Processing, Freight Forwarding and Break Bulk modules. Integrates with Faxing and Emailing to send invoices and statements.

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Module for consolidated inbound freight whether by air and/or ocean. This system allowed for entry of information necessar to produce arrival notices, turnover orders, Authority to Make Entry and Carrier's Certificate.

Integrates with Accounting, Faxing, Emailing, and G-TRAC. Data entered into this module can be updated to the Customs House Processing if you also do the shipment clearance.

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Software to produce the CF-7512 form and related delivery order. Integrates with Accounting, Faxing, and Emailing. This is included at no additional cost to anyone that purchases the Customs House Processing or Freight Forwarding modules.

G-TRAC is our web-based logistics management platform. This is an add-on module to the Customs House Processing, Freight Forwarding and Break Bulk modules to allow the sending of data to G-TRAC. It can also be set up to receive data from G-TRAC so that re-keying of data is not necessary into the aforementioned modules. This is an interface to the G-TRAC system only and a separate subscription to G-TRAC is required. For more information on G-TRAC check out www.gtrac.net


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