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 International Trade & Electronic Commerce
Text Box: The ITEC System Customs House Processing module is designed with the user in mind. Data entry is fast an easy and the screens are user-friendly. Data entry validation is done as the data is entered and before the screen is saved. Messages and dialog boxes are displayed when something is apparently wrong. ABI data transactions are sent via MQ in the background allowing the users to continue working while the data is sent and received. 

All types of shipments can be processed; FDA, FCC, DOT, liquor, wine, steel, watches, special programs, etc. Combined with the Commercial Invoice module, RLF and AII shipments are easily processed. Enter the commercial invoice data first and the data is copied into the entry side when you are ready to process the shipment. Want to do it the other way? No problem. Enter the entry data first and it is copied to the commercial invoice when you are ready to do that. Data can also be copied from the Break Bulk module as well. All of this eliminates redundant data entry. Add the Accounting module and have the billing updated automatically with the duty and other standard charges. ABI is integrated and uses the latest MQ technology. Transmissions are queued by the user and sent in the background via the latest MQ technology. Responses to ABI transmissions are fast thus minimizing wait time for time-sensitive critical shipments. HTS database is included and you have the ability to receive updates via ABI.

All standard forms and ABI functions (Entry Summary, Cargo Release, ACH, Statements, queries, file extracts, etc.) are available as well as a myriad of reports. There is als the ability to output data to CSV file so they can be loaded into Excel. Once in Excel, additional data manipulation and sorting can be done.

Milestones (or statuses) are automatically added to a shipment when certain events occur such as: Sent to ABI for Cargo Selectivity, Cargo Release Results, Statement Date, Import Date, Arrival Date, etc. User defined milestones can be added and attached to a shipment for a more detailed picture.   
The ITEC CHB module integrates with G-TRAC, the Internet Tracking and Logistics application. Once set up, data is automatically sent to G-TRAC and users can log in and/or receive email notifications of shipment statuses. For more information on G-TRAC go to www.gtrac.net

Text Box: Additional Features…

Output Entry Data to a .csv File
Periodic Monthly Statements
Print Forms to a Laser 
Print reports to PDF*
Email Forms**
Fax Forms***
Reconciliation (aggregate and entry-by-entry)
Bill of Lading Updates
Print Single Entry Bonds
Lookups for Reference Tables (ports, countries, hts, etc.)
Warehouse Withdrawals
Parts Database w/FDA Product Code
In-Bond Module Included! Initiate & Move/Transfer Liability
Embedded FDA Prior Notice 
ACE Certified
All this, plus the best support in the industry!

If there is something you need but do not see here, contact us at sales@gmsint.com
Text Box: Customs House Processing Module
Text Box: *Requires ITEC DCS **Requires ITEC DCS and Email option .   ***Requires ITEC DCS and Fax option at additional cost.

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