Text Box: September 2014
Text Box: Text Box:  ITEC
 International Trade & Electronic Commerce
Text Box: The ITEC System is designed with the user in mind. Data entry is fast and easy and the screens are user-friendly. Data entry validation is done as the data is entered and before the screen is saved. Messages and dialog boxes are displayed when something is apparently wrong. One-button lookups for reference tables such as countries, port codes, FIRMS, customers, vendors, etc. are indexed by name for quick and easy searches.  

The applications are written in PROGRESS and is supported on the SCO UNIX and Redhat Linux platforms. In addition, these platforms can run in a VMware virtual environment and also can be hosted at an off-site location.

The following modules are currently available: Customs House Processing, Commercial Invoice, Accounting (with General Ledger), Export Air & Ocean, Break Bulk Air & Ocean and In-Bond. All modules interface to the Accounting module in one way or another. All modules have the ability to email and fax documents that are generated by the system. 

Divisions can be added for separating cost centers and/or locations. System Administrators can limit access to divisions by simply tagging the ones they want to grant access to.

ITEC supports virtually any dot-matrix printer. HP LaserJet printers with HP JetDirect are supported natively as well as non-HP jet direct printers.  By default all users have access to all printers thus making printing to a variety of printers easy. System Administrators can limit access to printers by simply tagging the ones they want to grant access to.

Application security is user based and only System Administrators can modify user’s setting and assign security functions. Security functions are menu-based meaning that you can restrict certain menu items to certain users. 

Internal Email Notifications allow owners and managers to receive email alerts when certain events takes place (i.e. if a credit memo is printed in excess of a certain pre-defined threshold, a user creates a shipment for a customer that has exceeded their credit limit, or power of attorney is not on file or expired, etc).

All modules include various reports and the ability to output data to a .csv (comma separated value) file so they can be imported into Excel.  

Updates to the ITEC System are made available via download. Once we release an update we notify the point of contact we have on file with an email that contains instructions and release notes that are easy to follow.  Turn-key systems provide for unattended backups and UNIX support so you can focus on your operations and not your server. 
The ITEC Customs House Processing, Export and Break Bulk modules integrates with G-TRAC, the Internet Tracking and Logistics application. Once set up, data is automatically sent to G-TRAC and users can log in and/or receive email notifications of shipment statuses. 

To find out more about us go to www.gmsint.com. For more about G-TRAC go to www.gtrac.net.
Text Box: Features Highlights…

Output Data to .csv Files to import to Excel
Print Forms to a Laser 
Email Forms*
Fax Forms*
Lookups for Reference 
Tables (ports, countries, HTS, etc.)
User-based security
Internal Email Notifications 
Unlimited Divisions
Unlimited Printers
Full, Turn-Key System
Easy Menu Navigation
G-TRAC Integration
All this, plus the best support in the industry!

If there is something you need but do not see here, contact us Text Box:  *Third-party products are seamlessly integrated to provide functionality for email, faxing and PCL printing.

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