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The old proverb "In like a lion, out like a lamb" refers to themonth of March. In the beginning, winter (lion) weather is still upon us. By the endof the month,milder spring(lamb) weather arrives. However, with the new ACE deadline being March 31, it seems appropriate to reverse it; "In like a lamb (ACS), out like a lion (ACE)."

The new ACE deadline has shifted to March 31. Once that date hits, you MUST file ACE Entry Summary for entry types 01,03,11,23,51,52and ACE Cargo Release if these entry types contain Lacey or NHTSA and no other PGA.

This should be an easy transition if you have been following our newsletters and ITEC Alert emails that we have been sending for quite some time now. If you have procrastinated, you cannot wait any longer.

If you are already filing otherallowableentry types and other PGA data through ACE, continue to do so. The mandate is the minimum that can be filed in ACE, not the maximum.

There is no more pilot testing needed for Lacey or NHTSA. If you have not filed for Lacey or NHTSA, we strongly recommend you review the PGA section of the ITEC User's Manual if you are not familiar with the new process.

If you have questions, there is a daily ACE Conference call at 2PM EST that is open to all ACE filers. Contact your ABI Client Representative for call details. There are typically100+attendees(CBP, PGA, software vendors, brokers and importers) discussing problems, issues, strategies, etc. regarding ACE and the changes (both programming and operational) that need to be made.

We have PDF documentson our website that coverACE Entry Summary, ACE Cargo Release, ACE Census Warning Overrides, Post Summary Correction, DIS, and more. Go to download them. A user ID and password is required as these documents arelimited to ITEC user's only.

Don't let the end of the month go out like a lion... get going with ACE today!
If you have been filing in ACE, you know that there are issues. The good news is that CBPcontinues to identify and fix known issues, the bad news is that new issues keep coming up.Here are some of the hot topics.

Release Date issues with ocean shipments. CBP is setting the release date to the transmission date instead of the estimated arrival date. If your system adjusts the statement date based on release date, you want to make sure the statement date is correct when this occurs.
As of March 3, CBP made a change to the RLF processing. No longer do you have to re-certify ACE Cargo Releaseon an RLFACE Entry Summary (AE) when replacing summary data only. In addition, if you prefer the 2-step process -ACE Cargo Release (SE) followed by ACE Cargo Release (AE) - you can now use that for RLF filings.

As of March 4,at approx 11am EST CBP deployed a fix to improve performance of replicating ACE date to ACS. This should stop the issue of Statement Date Updatetransactions (HP) failing due to "ENTRY SUMMARY NOT ON FILE" or "PREPARER SITE INVALID/MISSING".

CBP plans to implement a fix to stop rejecting entries when the IT number is not on file. The implementation date is not yet known, but once in place this will be a warning/advisory message and the entry will not be rejected.
Ongoing issues with CBP and FDA regarding May Proceed. Sometimes FDA I.T.A.C.S. shows the May Proceed, but CBP fails to send ACE Cargo Release (SO) responses to the trade.
CBP tells us that the PGA entry and line statuses that were conflicting have been cleaned up and corrected. In the past, CBP would give you an entry level May Proceed when all of the lines were not - and vice versa.
Although TIB entries are allowed and will be mandated by 3/31/16, they advise not to send them. This is because there needs to be a certification indicator that is not defined yet. Programming cannot be done until it is officially in the ACE CATAIR.
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