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January 2016
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Now that the countdown to New Year's has come and gone, we begin the countdown to ACE. There are less than 50 days until ACE is becomes the mandatory system for Cargo Release and Entry Summary related transactions. This includes FDA, Lacey, and NHTSA (formely DOT). It will also include the current FCC data until July, 2016.

By now, you should be using ACE for all 01, 03, 11 entry type summaries that can be filed in and ACE as well as ACE cargo release for those that do not have any PGA data for those entry types.

Just recently, CBP has authorized all users to start filing ACE Cargo Release for those entries that have Lacey and FDA disclaimers (please note that it is not just a simple Yes/No anymore), and full NHTSA transactions. APHIS Lacey & FDA are waiting for some more pilot testing to be done before they allow all filers to submit data unsupervised.

The transition to ACE from ACS will be much smoother if you have a handle on how CBP processes these ACEtransactionsand are familiar with the ACE responses. If you have not started the transition, you need to do so now.

There is a daily ACE conference call with typically 100+
attendees(CBP, PGA, software vendors, brokers and importers) discussing problems, issues, strategies, etc. regarding ACE and the changes (both programming and operational) that need to be made. At times it is a heated call because CBP (and PGA) are still making changes and everyone is under immense pressure to get this done in a limited amount of time. The bottom line is that CBP plans to move ahead with their changes and everybody needs to be ready. Even if the mandate is pushed back, it will get here eventually - there is no turning back.

We are anticipating heavy call and email volumes during the transition period and it may take us a while to answer everyone in a timely manner. This is not simply a GMS issue. All software vendors as well as CBP will beinundatedwith support requests and there is only so much all of us can do.

If you are on the outside looking in, you may be in for a surprise when this finally takes effect.
Where? How?
To get started, you need to review all of the documentationthat is provided by CBP andyour software vendor. CBP documents may get technical, but you should still review them to see what to expect. Your software vendor should have their own documentation as to how to use your system to process the information needed for ACE.The ITEC ACEdocumentationis located onour website. Clickherethen select theDocumentation link.Start with the ACE Supplemental Guides as they will explain what you need to do differently. Inside these documents are links to other documents that CBP has provide on theirwebsite.Then, review the ITEC User's Manual.

These documents are only available to current ITEC customers that have the credentials to access them. If you do not remember them, contact us by phone or click hereto request them.

Far and away the most complexintegrationwithinACE involves bringing all the federal agencies on board.Some of the data required is unfamiliar to both the software developers as well as filers. For example, when a vehicle is brought into the country it may involveEPA. One of the data elementsis "Engine Family Name/Number" which is required as part of the data set. The software vendor may not know if this is a number, name, etc. and the filer does not know to ask the importer for it before shipment. This number is located under the hood of the car and if it is in a container on a ship it is extremely hard to get. That is just one agency and one data element as an example. You should review all of the agencies you deal with and find out what data elements will be required once they transition to ACE. Starting January 19, there will be webinars presented by various agencies that you should attend if you have not engaged in any PGA discussions. Click here for CSMS 06-000019 to review and sign up!

Here is the list of agencies and agency programs and the date at which the data will be required:

FDA (All programs) 02/28/16
APHIS (LACEY) 02/28/16
NHTSA (All programs) 02/28/16
EPA (Vehicles and Engines, Pesticides, Ozone Depleting Substances, TSCA) 07/2016
APHIS (Plant Protection &Quarantine, Animal Care, Veterinary Services, Biotechnology Regulatoy Services) 07/2016
FSIS 07/2016
USDA AMS (Marketing Orders, Egg Products, Peanut Products) 07/2016
NMFS (Tuna Tracking, Highly Migratory Species, Antarctic Marine Resources) 07/2016
ATF 07/2016
DDTR 07/2016
TTB 07/2016
FWS 07/2016
CPSC 10/2016 (specifications not finalized)
DEA 10/2016 (specifications not finalized)

With the exception of FWS,CPSC and DEA, we have programmed for all agencies and have pilot tested will many. The remaining agencies are scheduled for end of 1Q 2016.

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