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Time is running out... In just 97 days from today ACE will be mandatory for all entry and entry sumamry transactions. This includes the new PGA data format for FDA, APHIS Lacey, and NHTSA (formerly DOT).

Our ITEC System is fully ACE compliant and our customers have successfully pilot tested the following PGA message sets in production; FDA food products, drugs products,and medical devices, NHTSA and APHIS Lacey data. All of these require ACE Cargo Release, either certified from summary or using the stand-alone ACE Cargo Release transaction.

If you have not started the transition, you are going to find things difficult come Monday, February 29, 2016. Specifically, with regard to ACE Cargo Release. ACE Cargo Release is designed similar to ISF (without the penalty for late filings) whereas they want the data earlier and updates to the data sent in before and after arrival. This is true for air shipments as well as ocean. Unlike ACS where you file after "wheels up," in the ACE world you file as soon as possible. You will see cargo release statuses such as "ADMISSIBLE" if everything looks good but is not inside the "release window." In addition, the process of filing a combined ACE Entry Summary and ACE Cargo Release differ greatly. In the old ACS world, you simply certified the entry summary data for cargo release. In the new ACE world when you do this, CBP splits your one entry summary transaction into two separate transactions that are processed separately. You will need to know how to react to rejections and the difference is between "update" and "replace" as well and which transaction is required under which circumstance.

We strongly recommend that you process a few ACE Cargo Release transactions as soon as possible to start to get a feel for the new processes.
6 Steps to ACE

Step 1 -Read up on ACE Entry Summary and ACE Cargo Release.
Step 2 - Make sure your software is up to date with all the ACE programming.
Step 3 - Read any supplemental material your software vendor provided.
Step 4 - Contact your ABI Client Representative. You need to be enabled for both ACE Entry Summary and ACE Cargo Release.
Step 5 - Dive in. Pick a simple entry with one line (no PGAs or PGA disclaimers) and try it. At this time you pick and choose what you do in ACE.
Step 6 - Work with your software vendor to work through any questions or problems.
PGA Pilot Testing

PGA pilot testing is the ability for filers to test their entries that have PGA data in the live productionenvironment. Here's how it works;

You pick the agency you want to test with.The PGA will contact you for details regarding the upcoming shipment. CBP (or the agency) will schedule a conference call on the day that you will be transmitting the entry/entry summary. The conference call will consist of you, your software vendor and various support staff at CBP as well as the agency. You will transmit the entry/entry summary and follow it from beginning to end.

Here are the latest instructions from CBP. Please note that these instructions may change so please look for updated CSMSregardingpilot testing.

The purpose of the pilot program period is to ensure that when ACE goes live as the system of record for import cargo release that there are minimal errors or delays thanks to a thorough vetting by the trade.

We encourage everyone to do this for at least one shipment. You will gain valuable insight as to how the process works as well as insure that your software processes thingscorrectly. You want to find out now so it can be fixed well before the deadline.

After a fewsuccessfulpilot tests, you may receive permission to continue toself-pilot without any further conference calls. This all depends on the agency and the filer.
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