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February 2015
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The latest ITEC update (December 2014, r.12-14) should be installed on your system. In order to make sure you are up to date with any program changes, we recommend installing the update within 30 days of receiving the update notification. If you are not receiving update notifications, please contact us immediately.

The next update will be released by mid-March and will require all updates to be in place before it can be installed. If you have not installed the last update,  now would be a good time to do it.  

If you are missing an update, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.  As per our policy, we will only support the latest version of the software so it is important that you keep your system updated.

Note: If you have not yet installed the 2015 HTS, it is still available and free. If you do not know how to download and install it, we will be more than happy to assist you.


At this point phase one of the ITEC ACE release is well under way. You should be submitting at least some ACE Entry Summaries. If you have not done any or need help, please let us know because phase two will be released in the next ITEC update and that will allow you to file ACE Cargo Release (formerly known as Simplified Entry). If you are interested in a pre-release for helping us test this new feature, please let us know ASAP. 

The initial release of ACE Cargo Release will be as a separate transaction to CBP. This means that you would need to process the ACE Cargo Release first and then process the ACE Entry Summary separately. Even though it is a 2-step process, you can send them in the same transmission.

The reasoning behind this is that there are limitations imposed by CBP as to what you can and cannot send.  You can process an ACE Entry Summary certified for ACS Cargo Release with FDA, Lacey, FCC, DOT data but you cannot do any of these OGA/PGA transactions and certify for ACE Cargo Release.  We will introduce that feature later on when they allow PGA data. By then, hopefully most of the kinks will be worked out by then. 

ACE Cargo Release has some good features but also requires more data from the trade. Specifically, you now need to submit all the same parties that are required for ISF; Buying Party, Ship To Party, Selling Party, Consolidator (optional) and Container Stuffing Location (optional).  On a positive note, we will use these parties to create the ISF so you don't have to enter them again (unless the ISF differs from the entry).

Remember, the official cut-over to ACE Cargo Release and ACE Entry Summary is November 2015. It will become very confusing as we approach summer as many PGA (Participating Government Agency) will start to come on-board with ACE. If you start sending in ACE Entry Summaries now, the transition will be less confusing.   If you have not attended any ACE meetings or reviewed the materials provided by CBP, you need to make the time to do it. 

Once again, here is the link to the ACE Business Process and ACS to ACE Transition documents. You may need to tweak your standard operating procedures so it is important that you understand how ACE differs from ACS.

Getting Started with ACE Checklist
  • You need to have an ACE portal account and need to make sure you can log into the ACE portal
    • You may need to upload documents when requested
  • You must be on Statement Processing
    • All Entry Summaries must initially be on a statement
  • You must contact your ABI Client Representative
    • They need to enable your account for ACE
  • You must contact GMS
    • We need to send you some documentation and enable you for ACE
  • Pick a few customers that have simple shipments
    • This will enable you to get a feel for this new transaction
    • You will start to get used to the ABI responses that come back
Note: The FSIS interface via ACE is a special exception to the PGA interface as it is the only PGA allowed to be submitted with an ACE Entry Summary certified for ACS Cargo Release. It is not allowed to be submitted when certifying ACE Cargo Release. If you process CF9540 forms and have not yet contacted us, please do immediately.
You can configure ITEC to send email notifications based on certain events.  Once configured, ITEC will email certain users (pre-configured) in your company when a specified event happens. The list below shows the events that can trigger an email notification. Any item that shows "Exceeds Amount" can be tailored with a threshold amount that suits your needs. For example, if you want to be notified when someone prints a check in excess of $2,500, you can set the threshold for that event to $2,500. Any time a check is printed for an amount that exceeds $2,500, the email recipient specified will be notified.
  • Adjustment Exceeds Amount
  • Credit Memo Issued Exceeds Amount
  • Voucher Created Exceeds Amount
  • Check Printed Exceeds Amount
  • Check Voided
  • Customer Exceeds Credit Limit
  • Next Check Number Updated
  • POA Expiring in Days
  • POA Not on File or Expired
  • Liquid/Duty Amounts Disagree
  • Liquidation Suspended/Extended
  • Duty Calculation Exceeds Amount
  • CBP Document Request
  • Release Date Removed (New - available in the next ITEC update)
  • FDA Status Update (New - available in the next ITEC update)
Note: This feature requires your server to have the email configured prior to using this feature.


If you are changing or plan on changing your Internet Service, please contact us prior. Your ABI transmissions go through the Internet so any changes made to your Internet connection may adversely affect your transmission to CBP or Census. 


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