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April 2015
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ITEC Updates
The latest ITEC update (March 2015, r.03-15) is in the process of being released. The point of contact for updates will be receiving an email with instructions for downloading and installing.  In order to make sure you are up to date with all program changes, we recommend installing the update within 30 days of receiving the update notification.

Just a few of the new features added:
  • You can now use the "X" key in addition to the {F4} key to exit pull-down menus
  • Accounting: A/R Statements now show aging breakdown
  • CHB: Entry Processing updated to include ACE Cargo Release features
  • CHB: Expanded D/O Instructions in both the party file  & division control file
  • Export: Added necessary programming for PGA information
  • In-Bond: Updated QT/WT (Air In-Bond) with a time-release program change that will take effect May 2 to merge the QT/WT with QP/WP. 
The March 2015 ITEC update contains programming for ACE Cargo Release.  We will be testing our application with a few select customers in a production environment. Once we make sure there are no major issues, we will then release it to the rest of our customers who volunteered for ACE Cargo Release testing. 

ACE Cargo Release adds some new features, but also some additional complexity and change. ACE Cargo Release requires additional parties to be reported (whether certifying from entry or summary). These new parties are the same parties that are currently used by ISF
which include; Consignee (CN), Buyer (BY), Seller (SE), Ship To (ST), Stuffing Location (LG) and Consolidator/Stuffer (CS).

In order to ease the transition, we are only allowing ACE Cargo Release certified from entry. This will allow you to not have to enter all parties for every ACE Entry Summary. Once the PGAs are implemented in ACE Cargo Release (sometime this summer) we will enable certifying ACE Cargo Release via ACE Entry Summary. Another reason for delaying this feature is that the current rules are very complicated as to what can and cannot be filed via ACE Entry Summary certified for ACE Cargo Release. For example, if FDA is required, you can file an ACE Entry Summary but only certify ACS Cargo Release. Same with FSIS even though FSIS uses the new PGA message set. In addition, corrections/updates to ACE Cargo Release need to be done separately. You cannot update both the ACE Cargo Release and ACE Entry Summary from the ACE Entry Summary transaction. CBP plans to release a document explaining these rules sometime in May. This should help the trade with the transition.

Do Now!
CBP is requesting more & more information with ACE and the new Partner Government Agency (PGA) interface. Instead of asking for names, email addresses & phone numbers on every line of every entry, we will be using the information from the user and party file.

Your user name and email address should be updated. This information is sent to both CBP and PGA to identify the point of contact of the filer.  Ask your ITEC system administrator to review your user profile to make your full name & email address are there and correct.

The party file will be used to extract the importer, consignee, etc. phone numbers and PGA POC name & email address. Please start to update the email addresses and select one as the PGA point of contact.  ITEC will use the first PGA POC when submitting PGA data to CBP. 

For new customers, importers, etc. make sure you enter this information when creating a new party. For existing parties, pick your most frequently used parties and start there. For less frequently used parties, the next time you have a shipment, update the parties prior to doing the shipment. 

If your files are not updated, then you will be forced to enter them before you can transmit data with PGA information. 

Upcoming Holidays

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