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November 2014
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The latest ITEC update (August 2014, r.08-14) should be installed on your system. In order to make sure you are up to date with any program changes, we recommend installing the update within 30 days of receiving the update notification. If you are not receiving update notifications, please contact us immediately.

The next update will be released by mid-December and will require all updates to be in place before it can be installed. If you have not installed the last update,  now would be a good time to do it.  

If you are missing an update, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.  As per our policy, we will only support the latest version of the software so it is important that you keep your system updated.

Bonus: As part of our updated pricing, the 2015 HTS database will be made available free of charge. An email will be sent to the update contact as soon as it becomes available.


 Over the past few years, each newsletter has referenced ACE in some way or another. We have provided information and links to important documents on CBP's website. Now, the official countdown to ACE has begun. There is less than one year until CBP turns off the legacy system and switches to ACE.  If you have not attended any ACE meetings, you need to make the time to do it.  At this time, you should be filing some entry summaries via ACE. We have tried to make the transition as painless as possible. We kept most of the screens the same and did many of the changes in the background.  

We will be hosting a webinar sometime in November to discuss ITEC & ACE and what you need to know. A separate email with an invite will be forthcoming. When you get the email, please register as soon as possible as space will be limited. Even if you are already filing ACE Entry Summaries, you may still want to attend.  

Once again, here is the link to the ACE Business Process and ACS to ACE Transition documents. You may need to tweak your standard operating procedures so it is important that you understand how ACE differs from ACS.

Getting Started with ACE Checklist
  • You need to have an ACE portal account and need to make sure you can log into the ACE portal
    • You may need to upload documents when requested
  • You must be on Statement Processing
    • All Entry Summaries must initially be on a statement
  • You must contact your ABI Client Representative
    • They need to enable your account for ACE
  • You must contact GMS
    • We need to send you some documentation and enable you for ACE
  • Pick a few customers that have simple shipments (no FDA, DOT, FCC, Lacey, etc)
    • This will enable you to get a feel for this new transaction
    • You will start to get used to the ABI responses that come back

You Have Questions? We Have Answers!

How do I replace FDA data?
The only way to replace FDA data is to use the Other Government Agency Correction application also known as the "CP" transaction. However, the only way this will be accepted by CBP is if the entry is in FDA reject status. If you transmitted the entry/entry summary and there was no FDA reject, then you will need to contact FDA to have them put the FDA portion of the entry into reject status before you can transmit the corrected information. If you received an FDA error (i.e. Invalid/Expired Prior Notice Number), then the FDA is already in reject status and you should be good to go.

Note: Re-sending the entry/entry summary will not work once certified for cargo release. In fact, it could make things messy if the entry is rejected. If you don't believe us and send it anyway, CBP will send you back the message "OGA DATA IGNORED" which simply means that CBP did not forward the data to FDA. In addition, you will not see any Cargo Release Results until FDA data is sent error-free.


I submitted an ACE entry summary as a type 01, how do I change it to type 02?
Since you cannot file a type 02 entry in ACE, you will need to delete the entry form ACE first. You can only delete an ACE entry if it is under Trade Control. If it is under CBP Control, then you must contact CBP or the import specialist to do the following;
  • Step 1 - they need to manually set the entry to reject status.
  • Step 2 - they need to manually inactivate the entry.
  • Step 3 - You should receive entry statuses that the entry was rejected and inactivated. Once received you can then change the entry in ITEC and transmit non-ACE.

Upcoming Holidays

Please be advised that our office will be closed on the following dates:

Thursday-Friday, November 27-28, 2014

December 25, 2014

New Years
January 1, 2015

Please note that since Christmas & New Years fall on a Thursday, we will have limited resources the following Friday of these holidays so please plan accordingly.



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