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Welcome to another edition of the ITEC Newsletter. You are receiving this email because you are either a user of the GMS ITEC System or have shown interest in this product. If you prefer not to receive this email, please reply with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line and we will take you off the list. If you feel that someone else should be receiving this newsletter, please reply with their name and email address so we can add them to the list as well.

The last ITEC update (February 2014, r.02-14) will be removed from the download folder shortly. If you have not yet installed this, now would be a good time to do it.  Once it is removed, you will need to contact us for a copy.  We give you at least 60 days to install an update, but typically leave it on the server for about 90 days. In order to make sure you are up to date with any program changes, we recommend installing the update within 30 days of receiving the email that tells you an update is available.

Remember, the update will only install if the previous update was applied. If you are missing an update, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you on getting them installed.  As per our policy, we will only support the latest version of the software so it is important that you keep your system updated!

We attended the ACE 101 webinar that was held on June 3 and June 4, 2014. Although it was informative, it did not explain how to transition from ACS to ACE. In addition, it appeared that many of the programs they are working on are still in pilot test phase. We have asked NCBFAA to conduct a webinar just for filers - and they have listened!  A joint CBP/NCBFAA webinar is slated for July that will discuss the transition and go over the ACE Business Process document. Look for a CSMS email from CBP regarding this topic and sign up ASAP as this webinar is sure to fill up fast. If you do not receive CSMS messages, please go to this website to sign up

Tablets are very popular but can you really use them for work? We have tried Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Windows 8.1 tablet from various manufacturers. The consensus is that, although not required, the ones with a detachable keyboard work the best for data entry. In order to run ITEC, you will need an emulator. For the iPad you must purchase TinyTERM ITX 2 from the Apple App Store ($14.99). For the Windows tablet, you will need to download FacetWin or any other emulator that you currently use in your office to access ITEC. The Windows tablet needs to be running the full version of Windows 8 and not the "RT" edition. Windows "RT" models do not let you install software other than software purchased through the Windows Store and you cannot purchase the emulators required from the Windows Store. As for the Android devices... we have not found an emulator that works well enough for us to recommend. An alternative is to download a program that allows Remote Desktop (RDT) - connect to your desktop at work and run ITEC from there.

Before any connection can be made to the server, your router or firewall must allow the connection to be made. In addition, if you currently use a VPN to make the connection (or want to use a VPN) you will need to make sure the device you want to connect with supports the VPN that you will be using. For example, if you use a Sonicwall appliance at work, you would need to use the Sonicwall Global VPN or SSL VPN to make the connection. If Sonicwall does not have an app on the device, then you will not be able to make the VPN connection. For questions regarding connectivity, please consult your local IT group or contact us for more information. We have instructions for configuring both TinyTERM ITX2 on an iPad and Facetwin for Windows machines.

Question:  I want to use laser checks, but I am not sure how/where to order them.

Answer: For ordering, the ITEC check format is based upon the One Write Plus format. 8 1/2 x 11" with the stub at the top, check in the middle, blank at the bottom.  You can purchase these from anyplace that has this format. We recommend NEBS Style DLM260 although other office supply places may have them. To be sure, order a sample from NEBS and a sample from your supplier and compare before you order!!

For printing, first determine which tray you want to print from. You can use either the bypass tray (the one that tilts out from the front of the printer) or the built in tray (do not use any other additional tray.) Typically, if there is paper in the bypass tray the printer will automatically use that one. Next, determine if you need reverse sorting. Reverse sorting requires you to order checks in reverse number order. To do this, make a test print. Mark a blank piece of paper with an "X", then put the sheet into the tray you want to use with the "X" facing up. Print anything you like to this sheet (it doesn't need to come from ITEC). If your test print appears on the unmarked side of the sheet, you need reverse numbered checks. If the "X" appears on the printed side of your test sheet then you do not need reverse numbered checks.  

Note: You can order up to 3 copies per check. In the check configuration there is a number of copies option which will print the same check the number of times specified.


...You can print any report to a PDF?

...You can output many reports to CSV for viewing and sorting in Excel?

...GMS is ACE Entry Certified and has been for many years?

...You do not have to create a shipment in order to issue an invoice? You can use the miscellaneous billing in Accounting to create bills for items that are not shipments, such as bonds.

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