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Welcome to another edition of the ITEC Newsletter. You are receiving this email because you are either a user of the GMS ITEC System or have shown interest in this product. If you prefer not to receive this email, please reply with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line and we will take you off the list. If you feel that someone else should be receiving this newsletter, please reply with their name and email address so we can add them to the list as well.

The latest ITEC release is r.02-14 (February 2014). If you are not up to date, please download and install it at your earliest convenience. Download and installation instructions were emailed to the point of contact we have on file. If you have not received this notice, please let us know. If you are more than one update behind, you will need to contact us to receive the previous updates.

Remember, the update will only install if the previous update was applied. The previous update is r.11-13 (November 2013). You can find the current version on the main screen just after you log in. If you are missing an update, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you on getting them installed.  As per our policy, we will only support the latest version of the software so it is important that you keep your system updated!

The executive order on streamlining the Export/Import process that was signed on February 19, 2014 marks the official countdown to ACE. The migration date to ACE for Entry/Entry Summaries is November 1, 2015. This is just over a year and a half away. At this point you should be attending meetings sponsored by NCBFAA or your local brokers/forwarders association. You should also be reading the information provided by CBP. Please be aware that CBP has recently redesigned their website so the links provided on previous newsletters will not work. Here are the most important links you need;

There are many more links, so please navigate thru the website to find information that pertains to you.

One key issue that you need to know is that ACE is completely paperless. If CBP requests a document, you need to know how to get it to them. If you plan on using ACE along with ACS, you will you need to know the system of record where the entry summary was created. Also, the procedure to making corrections on ACE entry summaries differs from how you would correct a traditional ACS entry summary. These are the kind of things you need to understand before you transition to ACE.

Lately, we have been receiving many calls and emails regarding check numbers and if we can make them alpha-numeric. This stems from CBP adding letters to their statement numbers.

The ITEC check numbers are numeric and do not accommodate letters. This is true and was done deliberately. The CBP statement number is simply a confirmation or transaction number. This is no different from any other electronic payment you make where you do not use a check number. The proper procedure for CBP statement transactions is as follows;

1) Use a series of numbers that are outside the range of your checks so they are all grouped together i.e. YYYYMMDD## where Y=Year, M=Month, D=Day and the ## represent a sequence number for that day. You can also use any other format such as 9999###### where 9999 is the prefix and ###### represent a sequence number or any other numbering system that works for you.

2) When an invoice is generated with a duty charge, a voucher with an estimated payable is created.

3) When you receive the final statement, use [Manual Check/EFT Update Menu | From Existing Estimated or New] to create a NEW voucher. The check number should be the number you created from step 1, the vendor's reference number should be the CBP statement number and the CBP Statement indicator should be set to "Yes". Once the first screen is saved, it will automatically retrieve all the entries that are on that statement. Once the voucher is accepted, the estimated payables are converted to actual payables automatically and the check register is updated.

4) When you do your Bank Reconciliation, the check clearing process should be easy as you will see the CBP statement number shown under the vendors reference number.

For PMS you also do this at the daily statement level as CBP will deduct each individual daily statement amount the following month.  

If you already have a method to process these transactions that works for you, there is no need to change you procedure.

Allows your data (and some other important files) to be synchronized across the Internet to another machine in a different location. This is a great product if you have multiple locations in different regions. It allows for a backup machine with current data to be standing by at an alternate location in the event the primary machine is out of commission for an extended period of time.

Note: NetSync is part of an overall disaster recovery plan. This is not a means of restoring data to a functional system. In the event of an actual disaster where the primary server is not useable for an extended time, configuration changes will be needed to allow users to access the backup server. The cost to reconfigure devices is not included in the NetSync prices and the time-frame for migrating to the backup server will vary.

NetSync VM 
Allows your data (and some other important files) to be synchronized across the Internet to a virtual machine at our system integrator's site. Synchronization is monitored and we are informed if the synchronization fails.  This is a great product if you have one location and are looking for a way to protect your data.

Note: NetSync VM is part of an overall disaster recovery plan. This is not a means of restoring data to a functional system. In the event of an actual disaster where the server is destroyed, we can replace the server and restore your data from the last time the data was synchronized. The cost of a replacement server is not included in the NetSync VM prices and the time-frame for a replacement server varies.

G-TRAC DMS allows documents to be stored, archived and viewed by you and your trading partners. This eliminates the need to store them in a storage locker or file cabinet for years on end. From ITEC you can upload the documents with a press of a button.

Hosted Virtual System
Have a virtual system hosted in a world-class data center that provides for 99.999% uptime. If you are contemplating an upgrade, you may want to consider this option. This is not a service bureau type of solution - this is a virtual machine built for you that is hosted at a data center. Your data, your licenses, secure access.  No more hardware or backups to worry about. We realize that this is not for everyone and there is an added expense for the hosting facility, however it is an option you should know about. Since access to the virtual server is done via the Internet, you must have a robust Internet connection and possibly a backup Internet connection in case your primary Internet fails. 

If you are interested in any of these products, please contact us for pricing and a more detailed explanation.

We hope that you are finding this newsletter useful. If you have any suggestions for future topics, please let us know.

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