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Today freight forwarders and Customs brokers are finding that existing software packages don't reliably provide all the answers for the complex regulatory and operational demands of their ever-evolving industry.

Existing software is slow and lacks the interoperable features needed to do the job right. Different software packages to manage operations, web visbility and accounting don't communicate with each other and support (when you can find it) is either too costly or inadequate. It was this need that led to the formation of GMS International, Inc. in 1975.


Operating today with the original management team, our family owned and operated company provides solutions for all sizes of companies within the international trade community.

Working with Customs brokers, international air and sea freight forwarders, NVOCC's and consolidators, we have been able to take customized solutions developed for our clients and integrate them into some of the leading software/system packages for the industry.

GMS offers a family of integrated, robust, feature and report-rich software packages designed for peak businesses efficiency. While many other transportation software packages address only one aspect of the supply chain, GMS offers solutions for everyone involved. Not just the supply chain service providers are our cusotmers, but importers and exporters deploy our solutions as well. We offer superior performance and functionality compared to other third-party packages and in-house systems.


GMS has grown to become the industry standard while remaining focused on the reason for our success and longevity: our customers.

We understand how our programs work because we write, update and support them. Support and instructions are always available via telephone or email. Software updates, along with updated documentation available online, are provided on a regular basis to all GMS users. Client surveys and referrals repeatedly cite our knowledge of both the international supply chain and reliable, evolving technology as reasons that companies choose GMS.

We believe in that automation through EDI, sharing and populating across our products, is a key vehicle to drive efficiency, increase accuracy and provide savings of both time and money for all supply chain participants. Find out how GMS can do that for your company today.